23 January 2012

Finding a character - The Princess and the Peas.

This week I finished tweeking a new book for the wonderful Nosy Crow and the cover image went on the website (below). Hurray! Have a look for more info on the book here http://nosycrow.com/books/the-princess-and-the-peas
This book has been a great joy to do. I thought I might share with you some initial sketch ideas I had for the book. Mainly the slightly manic process of 'finding' the character. This starts with a chat with everyone involved, what age the character should be? What kind of personality? Clothes?

Below you'll find sketches for different character ideas before settling on a girl who I believe was mainly inspired by the amazing Karen from the BBC sitcom 'Outnumbered'!

I've also included initial colour palette ideas and first scribblings - some of which have ended up directly in the final book. So make sure you get a copy in September to cross reference them!

Karen from Outnumbered
too 'cross' and slightly violent I think!

The idea for the cover came fairly quickly. It's always really exciting to try and bring many elements of the story together in the boldest image you can think of. This is by far the most enjoyable cover I've ever done.


June said...

Great post Sarah! I really enjoyed seeing your sketches working out the colour palette and character... and I think the final choice is perfect.
I shall look forward to buying this book.

Brillustration said...

brill ! love it and really nice to see how you went about it too!