30 April 2012

First attempt at animation EVER.

No laughing please. With my new bamboo drawing tablet I noticed one day that you could do animation with it. You'd think having an animator husband I'd have absorbed some kind of ability by osmosis - but no, I don't think so! It's really mind boggling. I have no idea what I was doing, what I was drawing or where it was going. Maybe some planning might be a good idea? All those zillions of storyboards they do for films - maybe they know something? ( stroke beard).

4 April 2012

Panto Panda

I've just started work again on the annual Christmas Pantomime for the Theatre Royal Winchester. This year its Aladdin. Can't wait to get stuck in. It's always a lovely job to do, just really different and lots of fun. Today, I've begun and created Panto Panda for initial summer advertising. It's already making me smile.

I hope those Pandas in Edinburgh are having an equally fun day ;)