30 April 2012

First attempt at animation EVER.

No laughing please. With my new bamboo drawing tablet I noticed one day that you could do animation with it. You'd think having an animator husband I'd have absorbed some kind of ability by osmosis - but no, I don't think so! It's really mind boggling. I have no idea what I was doing, what I was drawing or where it was going. Maybe some planning might be a good idea? All those zillions of storyboards they do for films - maybe they know something? ( stroke beard).


June said...

Well, you have done more animation than I have!

Just as I get into it, it's over! I wish it was longer... please do some more or add some inbetween frames to slow some bits down :o)

Frances Cony said...

My Goodness, June, you're fussy!

I was going to say well done, Sarah, it's jolly and colourful!

Frances Cony said...

Tobacco Factory Wednesday, Sarah?