7 May 2013

An illustrationish interview with 'Susie and the Pencils'.

I was honoured to be asked to do an interview with the lovely Susie Tyler from the book loving blog 'Susie and the Pencils'. She asked some great questions and I had to think hard but I love talking about illustration and books so it was a huge joy. Have a read here....


2 May 2013

Mabel and Me - NEWSYFLASH!

One evening Mabel and Me are sat on the sofa watching our favourite cartoon when SUDDENLY there is the most MOUSETASTIC news FLASH!

And somebody says.....

"Good Evening Ladies, Gentlemen and Pippity squeaks, from TODAY you can download a 'read out loud' AUDIO VERSION of Mabel and Me - Best of Friends from the I-Tunes store! So NOW (for a small and VERY reasonable cost) your not-so-little mousey ears can luxuriate to the sound of 'ALLO - ALLO's' spoken in a FAMOUS FAKE FRENCH ACCENT...."

For a moment, I am TOTALLY lost for words, then Mabel and Me do something that we only ever do when we have a TERRIBLE and UTTERLY GHASTLY no-ice cream crisis....
We dash up the stairs, in a TANGO, WALTZ and FOX TROT kind of way and raid our piggish banks MUCHO PRONTO!

(whilst Mr Newsy-Flash WHOOPS and CHEERS and tears up the rest of the news in utter delight!).