21 March 2012


Not quite sure what to make of this post. I've been so busy on various book projects recently I've been really quiet on the doodle/blog front ( have a dreadful cold too)......Until this monster jumped out of the brush!

 For a while now I've wanted to explore the character of a monster who eats children before mending his ways and finding something slightly more delicious.  After a few years of this being in the dusty bottom drawer of my mind, I think this idea maybe a bit too harsh! However, I like the idea of him eating fluffy bunnies instead. Of course, somehow in the end the bunnies will have to have the last laugh. Slightly scared of my possible frame of mind whilst doing this! Will have to look again and bring down the violent tone a notch or two! Be very afraid.


Sam Church said...

Don't tone it down!!! There is nowt about this picture (and the title) that i don't like!

June said...

Hehe... don't let your monster visit my studio... I have lots of bunnies around the place.

Brillustration said...

love it all ...and the totaly fab lettering .. skills !