6 September 2012

Foiled! HapPEA Publication Day.

At last here it is! I'm so proud to show off the lovely, sparkly, pink and funny new book The Princess and the Peas from  Caryl Hart and myself, published by the gorgeous people at Nosy Crow.

I love this book and especially the cover as it was really easy    to think of the idea and it was even better that everyone liked it too! Then, the icing on the cake was the decision to use a gorgeous shiny green foil on the leafy details. Fellow Nosy Crow illustrator Steve Lenton recently mentioned that it reminds him of Mint Aero.....Yum!

Here's some lovely blurb from the book....

"Lily-Rose May
is perfect in every way,
until she kicks up such a fuss
about eating her peas that her dad calls the doctor.
                                                                He diagnoses a severe case
                                                                of Princess-itis and packs
                                                                Lily-Rose off to live at the palace.
                                                                But is a pea-free life of royal luxury as good as it sounds?"

Here's some of my favourite bits and highlights of the book.

(scroll down for an earlier blog post for further sketchbook pages )

"But Lily Rose May said it made her feel poorly"
"Shouting, "lily-Rose May, open wide and say 'Ahh!"

"A whole library of books! What girl could want more?"

"This isn't so bad,
Lily thought with a smile,
I could manage to be a princess for a while"

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